Probis was set up in 1991 by a chartered accountant and an administration specialist. Both had extensive hands-on experience in pensions management and saw a niche in the market for a flexible accounting and administration resource available to the industry on an ad hoc basis. The business has grown steadily since but remains faithful to those founding principles.

We continue to specialise in the essential pensions work to which busy front-line organisations find it difficult to allocate a high priority.

Probis has developed its role as an outsource service provider with no desire to build a relationship with the end-user of the services (except in those cases where trustees retain its services directly). Instead, unless specifically requested otherwise, we will remain in the background, and will not confuse an adviserís relationship with its client.

Probis employs experienced and technically skilled staff who have their own individual specialisations - for example, in scheme accounts preparation or closed scheme administration and wind-ups.

In employing Probis, pensions practices have immediate access to those skills without increasing their own headcount. Once a project has been specified to your complete satisfaction, you can hand it over to Probis, knowing it will be completed properly, on time and on budget.

In essence, Probis provides professional support - and solutions - to pensions professionals.