Administration Projects

In common with our other support activities, our involvement in pensions administration is concentrated in those areas requiring dedicated, experienced, specialist resources not necessarily available in an organisation's scheme administration department.

What differentiates us from mainstream third-party administrators is that we do not offer routine, on-going scheme administration services but are focused on special administration projects requiring higher skill levels - such as the various FSA instigated mis-selling reviews in the recent past, the associated bulk re-instatement of scheme members, and the backdating of part-time workers’ benefits.

Wherever a discrete project emerges which is outside the scope of routine scheme administration and calls for any combination of project management, pensions, bulk data handling and systems skills - and the restoration of confidence in the scheme's administrators - Probis provides the answer. Our extensive practical experience in these disciplines can, for example, be applied to:

  • The re-establishment and verification of data.
  • Bulk retrospective recalculation and rectification of benefits.
  • Dealing with major membership changes arising from acquisitions, mergers or redundancy programmes.
  • Undertaking special projects necessitated by legislative changes or regulatory requirements.
  • Data cleansing (e.g. for schemes entering the PPF).
  • Computer systems migration.